Hophaus, Southgate

It's September and Target are already selling Christmas trees. Come on. We haven't even felt the Spring sunshine yet, and there are plenty of other things to celebrate between now and Christmas. A jolly example, Oktoberfest.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Oktoberfest is a Bavarian folk festival that runs for around 18 days commencing mid/late September. It mainly involves lederhosen, dirndl, bier (beer) and more bier.  

The festivities are well and truly underway at Hophaus Southgate. They recently launched their opening night with a tapping of the keg, a sausage eating competition and a strongman contest. 

Don’t fear if you missed the opening night, because the main event is happening yet to happen. The Annual Dachshund Race. Yes, a sausage dog race. Happening this Saturday. The 'Best Dressed Dachshund' will be announced along with a bretzel tossing competition, the great bretzel bite off, apple bobbing and live music.

The bretzels, which come with house cultured butter and pickles are the perfect accompaniment to a stein of refreshing cold bier.  

For something more substantial you could go for the Kartoffelpuffer, a German potato pancake with smoked pulled pork and apple and fennel salad. 

So, hop to it then. Proost!



1 Southgate Avenue
Southbank 3006